Phantoms of the Bijou

Phantoms of the Bijou

$33.00 - $55.00
Under 16 With Guardian
Paranormal investigation team “Ghost Storm” will welcome guests on their quest to deliver paranormal proof to a live audience!

PHANTOMS OF THE BIJOU, is a multi-media, interactive event, where every member of the audience will experience the paranormal.Renowned clairvoyants Nick Grossmann and Peter Cerow will explain and actually use their paranormal investigation equipment, also known as ghost hunting gear, along with the most haunted dolls and artifacts they have collected from past expeditions, for this very exclusive, and very fascinating, multi-faceted presentation.

The evening will unfold with a session on how to use paranormal investigation tools combined with actual psychic abilities -- which many people don’t realize that they have. After this, there will an attempt to make contact with the artifacts. It's very likely some or many in the crowd will see an orb zoom by - or much more. Ghost Storm has actual video footage of their doll, Catherine, physically moving. They also show video proof of their other items actually “doing things.”

Along with the “possessed” dolls, on display will be a pirate liquor bottle several hundred years old that has been the subject of hundreds of seances and recorded paranormal activity. Additionally, guests will get to view a relic from a witch's home that resembles a deity they call Pazuzu because it reminds them of the exorcist statue. Guests will meet the "Faceless" doll.

One of the highlights of this supernatural evening will be a truly unique and interactive experience: a very special "Scrying" session. Scrying is a mystical art. It’s a technique used for centuries by the Roma people of Europe and also Caribbean culture. In this case, the mediums will hold candles to the mirror and ask audience members to focus on the image, which usually opens a portal to the spirit realm.

There will be time allotted after the event for personal questions and private sessions.

The Bijou Theatre is the oldest building in America that opened as a movie and live performance space, and is still operating as a movie theater and live entertainment venue. In 1909 architect Ernest G. Southey was commissioned to design a three-story commercial building to include an opera house and retail store at 269-275 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport. However, during construction, plans for an opera house were changed into a movie house in response to the growing popularity of silent films at the time.

In 1910, Peter Dawe leased, operated and eventually bought the Bijou Theatre. Daniel J. Quilty, a master dance instructor, conducted his College of Dancing on the property, where he taught waltz, polka, tap and ballet until his death in 1950.

In 1911 ads appeared in The Bridgeport Post newspaper for the Bijou Theatre, which was building a reputation for “High Class Vaudeville and Pictures, Three Shows Daily, Saturday and Holidays Four Shows. 600 seats for Ladies and Children, Matinees 5 cents, Nights Everybody 10 cents.”

In 1929 Athan G. Prakas, a Greek immigrant, began operating a luncheonette and confectionery in the retail portion of the building. He fell in love with Helen, the piano player for silent films at the Bijou. They married and eventually purchased the building. Their family owned and operated the venue through various name changes: The Rivoli, Downtown Cinema and Downtown Family Cinema. Some say the spirits of Athan and Helen still live on in the Bijou Theatre. For years, others claimed you can hear the sound of tap-dancing from the walls.

In 2003, a redesign and total renovation of the building brought back the original “Bijou” name 100 years after its first movie showing. The theatre still cherishes its history and carries on the tradition of supporting the arts through film and live performance. It is located near the shuttered and very haunted Majestic Theatre.

Venue Information:
Bijou Theatre
275 Fairfield Ave
Bridgeport, CT, 06605